About Wheat State Soaps

What started out as a challenge to find a cheaper way to shave has become a mission to provide men with a tool to recapture the joy of being a man.  The world around us sucks out so much of the marrow of manliness.  But shaving should be an experience that revives and brings a bit of pleasure back to life.

First and foremost, I make products that I want to use.  I make shaving soaps, balms, lotions and other products by hand with as many natural ingredients as possible.  I want a shaving soap that produces thick lather, great cushion, and feels great during and after shaving.  And I want my soap to smell great!  So, I figure I may as well share what I have found to be a wonderful shaving soap with the wet shaving community.

So, thanks for checking us out.  Shave well!





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